Hot guys going commando

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But just like there are risks to women going commando , from embarrassing stains to painful jock itch, and more, men can also suffer a lot from letting it all hang loose. So why are men going commando, and why should you avoid it? Hemp Boxer Briefs. The Most Comfortable Pair of. Men's Underwear.

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What You Need to Know About Not Wearing Underwear | Men's Health

Is it hot when you know a woman is wearing no panties? Is it hot when a guy is wearing no undies? Also kinda gross if he has on sweats and you can see his penile outline You don't get your dick stuck in the zipper when you try to zip up?

Hot Men Going Commando

Linguistic jokes aside, going commando may actually have some demonstrable benefits. Due to the differences in male and female genitalia, men and women experience different benefits from going commando. Candida , the bacteria responsible for yeast infections , thrives in warm, moist environments. When moisture from sweat and heat are trapped in the genital area by underwear, it can start smelling more strongly down there. The labia outside your vagina are made of delicate tissue similar to that of your lips.
And they just might be onto something because going commando can definitely be beneficial. It can allow more air circulation, lower the risk for infections, and even help with sperm production and fertility. But more importantly, going commando just feels good! Go ahead and strip off those boxers or briefs—just make sure you follow these rules first.