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With its bright coral and seafoam hues and curious shapes, beach-inspired foot jewelry evokes the carefree feel of summer on the beach. Made with magnesite stars surrounded by picture jasper and wood beads. They will look very gentle, elegant, as a Liana and give to your image of charm and romance! Feel like a fairy-tale beauty!

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Sleeping Nude, : Joan Eardley : Artimage

MUC1 selectively targets human pancreatic cancer in orthotopic nude mouse models. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The goal of this study was to determine whether MUC1 antibody conjugated with a fluorophore could be used to visualize pancreatic cancer. Nude mouse were used to make subcutaneous and orthotopic models of pancreatic cancer. Western blot and flow cytometric analysis confirmed the expression of MUC1 in human pancreatic cancer cell lines including BxPC-3 and Panc Immunocytochemistry with fluorophore conjugated anti-MUC1 antibody demonstrated fluorescent areas on the membrane of Panc-1 cancer cells. After injecting the conjugated anti-MUC1 antibodies via the tail vein, subcutaneously transplanted Panc-1 and BxPC-3 tumors emitted strong fluorescent signals.

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PubMed Central. Although folate and choline metabolism are inter-related, only limited data are available on the relationship between choline and folate status in humans. Moreover, when examined independent of folate status, phosphatidylcholine was higher P folate intake and the MTHFR CT genotype influence choline status in humans. Chew, Tina W. Thomas; Gregory, Jesse F.
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