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15 "Sex And The City" Moments That Aged Very, Very Poorly

When Sex and the City Returns, Will It Finally Get Queer People Right? | Vanity Fair

I was so excited to go see Sex and the City. Like most feminists with any shred of race or class analysis, I have always had a love hate relationship with Sex and the City. There were things about that show that were so god awful that I literally had to tune them out completely to enjoy the show. As a woman of color inundated by media that fails to ever acknowledge who I am or that what I am is valid, I am used to this type of spectatorship. And Sex and the City has always been one of those shows that always made it worth it, because for better or for worse, the show always made me feel better, especially if I was feeling heartbroken which has been often! So naturally I was most excited to go see the movie with two of my best gal pals.

Why Miranda is the Most Underrated Character in Sex and the City

But its quippy, city-girl tone has aged unevenly. Though that approach was well-suited to a story about proudly imperfect women, the show also used it as a cheap excuse to center a very specific viewpoint: straight white affluence, as written by straight white women and gay white men. Throughout the course of the series, Samantha gleefully used a transphobic slur in a dig against sex workers; Carrie doubted the validity of bisexual men; in more than one episode, lesbians were portrayed as exclusively white, rich, and power-hungry. The show used lesbianism as a narrative device, painting it as a strategy born out of dating fatigue; the possibility that Samantha was legitimately curious or bisexual was never explored.
In the late 90s, following the sex lives of four something women on TV was downright subversive. As much as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha talked candidly about sex around their scrambled eggs, the concept of body positivity wasn't something that existed the way it does now. Her effortless bravado comes from an effective mixture of self-encouragement and a cultivated self-care routine, one that involves a lot of physical activity from both sex and the gym.