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Once described as "the most beautiful man who ever walked the earth" by co-star Naomi Watts, it's safe to say that Jude Law is popular with the ladies. Law's first marriage had not long come to an end and he was one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, with women apparently lining up to try and snag him. He's been linked with dozens of famous females in the years that followed, and a number of unknown beauties, too. Law has a total of six children by four different women at this stage. While the A-lister is reportedly settled with the mother of the most recent addition, the road to his happy place has been a long and scandal-hit one.

Inside Jude Law's Complicated Love Life

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He learnt of one particular joke that featured in the Sex and the City film via his girlfriend at the time. But nowadays it just bounces off. So if people are still throwing paper darts at me I mean, Christ! That's something I say to my kids all the time. It's why I don't have Twitter, or an Instagram, or anything. Because I value that little bit that I've got left.

Sienna Miller blocked out six weeks of her life after Jude Law sex scandal

Lovely name, by the way. At first Law seemed to accept that his salmon had made a successful upstream swim. But now, having come not too swiftly to the realization that he will be paying someone's college tuition in the year , he's calling for a DNA test. My sympathies, as always, are with the lady. You see, I used to pal around, circa.
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