Latina booty vs black booty

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Despite probable good intentions, the article jarred, mainly because Vogue lauding big bums is quite like Peta People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals penning a love song to the fur gilet. So the attributes that black women have so long been shamed for have finally been given the Anna Wintour seal of approval due to a new Aryan aesthetic? It is almost too much to bear. The New York Times then jumped on board the bum bandwagon with a feature on Jen Selter, a white Instagram star credited for pioneering what black women have always had. It was an in-joke; funny, because in a world where white is right, that was most definitely the wrong answer. Yet now, brands puff behind us as they desperately try to catch up, tippex in hand, ready to white up things that have always existed among the minorities they have continually chosen to ignore.

Why does a black butt only look good in white skin?

What the Rise in Butt Implant Surgeries Means for Black and Latino Culture

Why would anyone want a big butt? No one particularly cared about having a big booty. Well, not entirely true. No white people particularly cared about having a big booty. Larger butts have been part of black and Latino culture for a long time.

Gigantic Brazilian Butts 2 Evasive Angles Interracial Latina Big Booty Ass

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