Mom pee

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They say that motherhood is a funny thing. And it is. Basically, we are now peeing with the regularity of a Kanye West meltdown. In case you're wondering what exactly could make a mom leak like a firehose, let me demystify the whole thing for you.

Mom Not Even Sure Whose Pee She’s Cleaning

Tales From a Blended Family: Swimming in Mom's Pee

CNN Charges have been dropped against a mother who let her 3-year-old pee in a gas station parking lot. A mom whose 3-year-old son peed in a parking lot was facing 60 days in jail. More Videos Mom issued citation after son urinated in parking lot. Buttigieg: Infrastructure has always been a job creator for America.

Tales From a Blended Family: Swimming in Mom’s Pee

It was one of those perfect summer days—on a boat, at a lake, with my family. The sway of the boat, the smell of sunscreen, and the taste of watermelon and fried chicken is a particularly intoxicating mix. The gallons of iced tea we downed required frequent swim breaks. With my kids, no opportunity is lost to get away with potty humor, so the swim breaks quickly were dubbed pee breaks. Son 1 was in the water when I jumped in, followed quickly by daughter 2.
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