Museum of ancient chinese sex culture

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If you are a bit green-minded, or if you just enjoy seeing thousands of erotic artifacts — from paintings of people having sex, sculptures of sexual organs, and manuals on how to do sexual intercourse — then the China Sex Museum is for you. In , when I went to Shanghai with a friend, we grew tired of seeing the numerous skyscrapers and decided to go to neighboring towns. I had chosen Tongli not only because of its Sex Museum, but because it is one of the many ancient water towns in the south of the Yangtze River Delta. Finding the right bus at the Shanghai Stadium was a bit of a challenge, given that it was a weekday and there were not a lot of English-speaking Chinese we could ask. In the end, it was my CouchSurfing host who gave me detailed instructions over the phone. We did find the bus, and in two hours, we were dropped off in Tongli.

Tongli and The Chinese Ancient Sex Culture Museum - Suzhou Forum

City blushes over sex museum

It's all there, artistically displayed on fans, bronzes and ceramics and in phallic forms sculpted in crude stone or precious jade: more than 6, years of human sexuality in the world's most populous nation. Liu Dalin, year-old founder and curator of the Chinese Sexual Culture Museum, has made it a mission to reintroduce his country's ancient culture of sexuality to generations brought up in more prudish communist times. But after years of struggling to keep his private museum afloat, Liu is packing up his collection of 3, erotic toys, icons and other sex paraphernalia and moving to the countryside. Liu, a retired Shanghai University professor and noted sociologist, says he was done in by a lack of official support. None of them said it was bad.

Shanghai’s Museum of Sex

Shanghai residents are just not interested in sliding between the sheets. Or at least it appears that way with China's only sex museum preparing to close and leave the city next April due to limited funding and little community support. It's not that the lugubrious Liu wants to move the museum, it's just that not enough revenue is being generated to cover costs. The sex historian has little choice. The lack of promotional funds have made nearly 3, items related to Chinese sex culture sit, for the most part, quietly ignored.
Last month, Beijing's first "sex culture" exhibition was shut down after only one day, even after officials forced its organizer, sexual therapist Ma Xiaonian, to remove some sexually explicit exhibits and to bar visitors younger than From Suzhou train station or Suzhou North long-distance bus station it would cost around 80 RMB and take 40 mins by taxi; about 20 RMB less if you're starting at Suzhou South long-distance bus station. City officials declined comment, saying the museum's situation was a "private matter. Also enjoy a meal and beer at a restaurant alongside the canals. Tuisi Garden in Tongli is one of my favourite gardens ever, usually not too many sightseers in there.