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We are dreaming of spending a few days in glamorous Dallas, where we can check into a luxurious hotel, engage in a bit of shopping , perhaps look at some art while shopping , and of course meet a handsome stranger with a sexy Texas twang. Or, we can just order room service and watch Netflix all night while laying in bed. One of these scenarios is more likely than the other. Speaking of handsome strangers, we have spent far too much time looking at Dallas hotel pics, and we must say there is lots to enjoy there besides the skyline views from those fabulous rooftop pools. A post shared by passmeadonut on Jun 21, at am PDT.

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Mikey's Fabulous Gay Blog: Cellphone Selfies: Guys in Towels!

For the record, guys who look muscular or wealthy get more praise — big shock. But on the other hand, posting such photos online makes private individuals public objects of desire without their permission. Is this a problem? Nor are we talking about celebrities on red carpets, politicians at public events or other public performers who seem to invite attention. And sharing these images on Tube Crush or elsewhere could actually be seen as a form of honorific artistic praise, the same way one might share photos of a beautiful sunset or painting. What a beauty! I wish my friends could see them.

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Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog. Get yourself a tall glass of water, this post might make you thirsty. Studio 54 Busboys — Must have been Halloween or a theme party. Playing out an epic 5-setter were ginger-headed Boris Becker and tow-headed Stefan Edberg on the grass courts of Wimbledon.
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