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And with the announced casting, and other details about who's running the show, we've got reason to be very excited. The news was first broken last March by The Hollywood Reporter , sending fans of the beloved video game into near-meltdown as internet hype and speculation ramped up with remarkable speed. Look for the light. As a part of the initial announcement, we learned that Neil Druckmann co-director on the first game and sole director of the sequel , is writing the show alongside Craig Mazin Chernobyl.

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On the night of April 28, , Joel wakes up in a hospital bed to find Marlene welcoming him to the Fireflies. After apologizing for the bump on the head, Marlene asks how Joel and Ellie managed to find the Fireflies, to which Joel responds that Ellie "fought like hell" to get here. Joel asks to see Ellie but Marlene denies him, saying that she is being prepped for surgery as they speak. Marlene reveals that the Cordyceps in Ellie's brain has somehow mutated according to the doctors, hence why she is immune.

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However, now some are thinking this could actually be Ellie. While she's immune to the fungal spores, genetics means there's no guarantee a child would be. Now, there are a few problems here.
Mongolia was effectively a proxy state of the Soviet Union for much of the Cold War. Something similar happened in China, where European powers established parts of coastal cities or trade ports as "concessions," which they occupied and controlled. Some, such as Shanghai, were divided into multiple European concessions. Others, like British-controlled Hong Kong, were fully absorbed into the European empires. This is why China is labelled as partially dominated by Europe.