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A teenager who is alleged to have been forced into prostitution by two Shropshire brothers had underage sex with one of them, a court has heard. Now aged 19, the alleged victim told Stafford Crown Court she had sex with Ahdel Ali before she had turned Mr Ali, 24, and Mubarek Ali, 29, both of Regent Street, Wellington deny a total of 26 charges involving four teenage girls. The first witness in the case, who addressed the jury from behind a screen, said she had also had sex with Mubarek Ali, but only after she had turned

Darlington teenager videoed himself having sex with underage girl

Teens face tough new underage sex penalty - NZ Herald

A youth who wanted to make the former boyfriend of an underage girl jealous had sex with her twice in one evening in public places. The year-old Singaporean pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of sexually penetrating the girl, who was 15 years old at the time. The offender also cannot be named due to amendments to the Children and Young Persons Act, which now covers those below 18 years old. The youth, who knew the girl had a former boyfriend and wanted to make him jealous, then asked her to accompany him to some shops in the neighbourhood. The girl agreed.

Youth admits having sex with underage girl

By RUTH BERRY political reporter Teenagers who have consensual sex between the age of 14 and 16 face longer maximum jail terms - of up to 10 years - following the Government's decision to drop the proposed similar-age defence. The new maximum jail term will be three years longer than it is under current laws. Youth in this age group don't have too much to worry about, however, as police are informed of very few such cases and seldom prosecute when they are. While to year-olds are technically covered as well, they are too young to be convicted of a sexual offence and sent to jail.
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