What is make up sex

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Sure, the disagreement will quickly become the last thing on your mind Why is that, you wonder? Thanks in part to hormones triggered during fights, researchers see a connection between conflict and sexual desire. Basically, when you feel like your relationship is threatened, your biological instinct is to preserve the bond.

Makeup sex

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Top definition. Rough and extremely gratifying sex had after an argument. That bitch was yelling at me all day, but she was screaming my name during makeup sex. Apr 1 Word of the Day. Andrew begins to imagine that he has been mistranslated, or — what is the word? After a couple have an argument and decide to settle it with sexual relations. The best sex there is!

Why Makeup Sex Is Good for Your Relationship (and How to Know When It's Not)

You feel more connected to them than ever because you survived that batshit fight. All the anger you were feeling has already made you physically really hot. The feeling you get when you're pissed off and when you're turned on are so similar in terms of your body heat rising and feeling short of breath, so flipping the switch for something good instead of evil though anger isn't technically evil and is a basic emotion is kind of like performing a casual miracle. If you're still kind of pissed off at them, you can use that.
After a big fight with your SO , you can go one of two ways: avoid intimacy as you both come down from your anger It seems a little strange that you can go from being so pissed off to so turned on , but in fact, it happens to a lot of people. Hence the term " makeup sex ," the act in which couples who have just had an argument head to bedroom to hook up and make up.