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The associations were studied with the following demographic variables: gender, age, marital status, graduation from the 3 upper classes of high school, vocational education, degree of urbanization, and province or area of the country. Men considered sex life more important than women did. Women were more satisfied with their sex lives, found it easier to talk about sex life with an important other, had had a spouse or steady partner more often, but were also less satisfied with their present marriages or marriage-like relationships. The above findings were most consistently shown in the Northern Province. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Finnish sex trade tops 100 million euros

Sexual knowledge, attitudes, fears and behaviors of adolescents in Finland (the KISS study)

Hundreds of people sell sex every single day in Finland. The selling and buying of sex is legal, unless the trade involves pimping or victims of human trafficking. Earlier this week news emerged that three Finns were suspected of pimping and money laundering in Spain. The men are suspected of having laundered up to 40 million euros gained from criminal activities since EU criminal justice agency Eurojust said the operation included human trafficking in a scheme bringing women, mostly from Nigeria, to Finland and Sweden to work as prostitutes. Detective sergeant Kenneth Eriksson from the Helsinki Police Department said the anonymity of the internet makes it difficult to catch pimps, who can easily manage prostitutes from outside of Finland.

Sexual knowledge, attitudes, fears and behaviors of adolescents in Finland (the KISS study)

Russian-speaking women who engage in commercial sex need to constantly monitor their own movements and behaviour to avoid being identified as someone who engages in commercial sex. Identification may lead to problems in crossing the national border, inability to find housing, encounters with the police, and anxieties about their personal information being shared with social services, landlords or future employers. Russian-speaking women who engage in commercial sex respond to this by being very mobile. This, in turn, increases their earnings, but disrupts their connection to their countries of origin and prevents them from forming strong bonds of belonging in Finland. According to the study, commercial sex presents a problem for the Finnish national project, as it does not harmonize with the claimed national values of gender and social equality.
While Finland is a highly hospitable country that does not have restrictive laws or customs , there are some things that visitors should avoid doing and some social faux-pas that those who are unfamiliar with Finnish culture can easily make. These are some to remember when visiting the country. A lot of visitors are invited to use the sauna as it is a well-established Finnish cultural custom.