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While it may go against what you've learned about history in school, people have always loved to use ridiculous euphemisms to describe filthy things the F word is actually one of the oldest sexual euphemisms in the English language, first recorded in Well, our embrace of saucy slang was partially designed to get around societal restrictions on dirty talk in the past; but sex euphemisms have also always been popular because, well, using slang is fun. Which is why, in addition to terms that we still use today, the English language is also littered with hilarious, ridiculous, outdated phrases used to describe sex — old-fashioned expressions which make no sense to our modern ears. These days, since speaking frankly is the norm, making up elaborate euphemisms for sexy time is mostly left to either the deeply religious or frat boys looking for a laugh. So if you were thinking of using any of these 26 old-timey sex euphemisms in your next dirty talk session, beware — while we might find these no longer used terms funny or charming out of context, using them while you're actually getting down might send the wrong idea, and leave you with one very puzzled partner on your hands. Of all the past euphemisms for sex, this is one you're most likely to know — mainly because Iago uses it in Othello.

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A bit of crumpet 2. A bit of the old in-out, in-out 4. Accommodation 5. Act of darkness 6.

400 Euphemisms For Sexual Intercourse

My girlfriend and I thought "poke her" was so funny that we talk about "playing poker" when talking about sex. We've gotten so used to it that I always have to think twice when a friend invites me to play poker. One of my othere friends is a short girl dating a really tall guy. So my gf started saying that they play Twister.
For as long as human beings have been having sex, they've been inventing funny ways to describe it. Because sometimes you need to refer to your favorite activity in front of your kids! Here's a hot stack of euphemisms we hope you'll find useful in the near future. When you visit our website, we store cookies on your browser to collect information.