How much is one chaturbate token

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But you know what they say; the more things change, the more they stay the same. Customers on the site use tokens to buy private chats, tip their favorite models, and purchase pre-recorded clips. Performers generally use tokens to cash out into real dollars, although they can be spent on the site as well. So, how does the token system work?

Chaturbate Token Value

Buying tokens – Chaturbate

Ever wonder about the Chaturbate token price? Well, it matters how much is a token on Chaturbate is valued to know exactly what that means. You can think of it like this. You have to know what a peso is worth to know that. How much is a token in Chaturbate, the cyber country? Before we can answer that there is one additional thing to explain, that the spread between buying and selling tokens is huge. When you buy some Mexican pesos from a bank or money changer, then sell them straight back, you get fewer dollars than you started with.

Chaturbate Token Price

As a user , the price of the tokens will vary according to the amount you purchase. You will be paying between 9 and 11 cents depending on how many tokens you purchase. This is actually more than what most other cam sites offer. Visit Chaturbate.
Many people have asked me about this so I thought it would be a good idea to write a post. For starters, the value of Chaturbate tokens is different depending on whether you are a broadcaster or a viewer. The final price depends on how much tokens the buyer pays at once. Chaturbate takes their share when the buyers buy tokens, so the figures you see in your account after broadcasting are final. I said earlier that tokens equal five dollars.