How to go down on her

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Is there a bigger bedroom bummer than when someone doesn't know how to go down on you properly? Nope, there sure isn't. That's because cunnilingus — even so-so cunnilingus — is awesome. So on the occasion that your partner just clearly has no idea what they're doing down there, it really is disappointing.

8 Tips to Level Up How You Go Down on a Woman

How To Go Down On A Girl & Actually Blow Her Mind

Some people spend years hunting down a single formula for mastering oral sex that makes them the World Champion of Mouth Stuff every single time. But when it comes to oral sex, every partner — and, indeed, every time — is different. This makes a one-size-fits-all approach pretty ineffective. As with anything else related to sexually pleasuring a partner, the very best advice is to communicate with them before and during! What excites them?

Here's Literally Everything You Need to Know About Going Down on a Woman

Cunnilingus can be the best thing in the whole entire world. To be fair though, vulvas and vaginas are tough to navigate. They're all different and enjoy a variety of things—sometimes simultaneously. So, we get it, figuring out what each woman is into can be challenging to say the least.
There is a considerable amount of pressure especially when we find a new partner to perform well in all aspects - from foreplay to the main event - and we're sometimes too shy or embarrassed to ask for help or advice. In this guide, we will look at all possible techniques and tips to help you impressed your ladyfriend. What works for one partner might not work for another. You have to explore, try different things, and remember that e very new partner will be a new exploration. When it comes to loving their egos stroked, women are no different than men - attention is attention, after all.