Its always sunny in philadelphia sweet dee has a heart attack

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Discover something for everyone this month with some choice picks for the best movies and TV to stream in April. Watch the video. Check out our gallery of the Oscar nominees in the leading and supporting acting categories, as the characters they so brilliantly played and in real life. See the full gallery. After Dee has a heart attack, she and Dennis try to attain healthier lifestyles, and Frank gets addicted to pills and committed to a mental institution. Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie join the corporate work force to get health insurance and wind up abusing their positions.

Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack

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Donna's jet-setting again—this week: Chicago! And I'll give it to you straight, before I go download a hoagie off the internet: As with a lot of this season's episodes, "Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack" starts brilliantly and then peters out by the end. But before the fade, "Heart Attack" features a steady stream of great lines and snappy interplay, and makes good use of Sunny 's classic JLA-style story development, breaking the big team off into smaller teams. We start with the gang all together, gathering at the hospital in the wake of Deandra's sudden infarction, not to offer her any sympathy, but to reflect on their own fragility. Mac and Charlie are particularly shaken when they discover that hospitals cost money—Mac says that usually at hospitals he just "gets some antibiotics, the sores go away," and he moves on with his life, while Charlie's never paid a bill because he prefers to live "off the grid"—so they decide to get a job in order to score themselves some health insurance. Or as Mac calls, it "Day Bow Bow," as in "day bow bow… ump … chicka chicka. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee decide to avoid future trips to the hospital by improving their health, hitting the health club to pursue what Dee calls the "mind-body-abs connection" and what Dennis describes as "that Jesus-on-the-cross look.


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After Dee is hospitalized for a heart attack, she and Dennis try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Charlie and Mac become office workers to get on-the-job health insurance. Frank is smoking pot out of an enormous bong. When Dee comes out to ask "What the shit is this? Dee, however, starts saying she "feels weird", and that her arm is numb.