Mlp the lost narrator

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I love how this is drawn! The shading and lighting really stand out and gives this a 3D-almost effect. The lighting and shading of places also bring out the texture with all the little unique details. I love how the texture looks!

{SFM} MLP: The Lost Narrator

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This is a new project Magpiepony and I are working on together, where you can ask some of your favorite ponies questions. So, as a few of you might know, Pinkie Rose recently uploaded a video stating that some things were going on and that she was leaving the fandom. I sent her this message to see if I could get a hold of her. Please, everyone. I know you are all worried and concerned, but it is best to sometimes just let things be and work themselves out. These kinds of things need time and space, which she needs right now.

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Many of us know who is The Lost Narrator she was the responsible from making MLP fanfic , fanfic reading and bloopers. Like a bunch of bloopers and she was responsible of making many MLP creepypasta. The lost narrator or "Lost" if you prefer was growing up in the 90's her neighborhood was decorated more on Christmas rather than Halloween.
I love reading Fan fiction, and sometimes, I like creating dramatic readings for them. There is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. An old pony tale about a gruesome story-teller that was used to scare foals into listening to their parents.