My wife is super hot

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Am I the only one on here that thinks their spouse is still particularly smokin' even after all those years? Nope, I too think your wife it hot. Oh wait, you meant MY wife. Well on June 9th we will have been married 21 years, and yes, still hot. She's been driving a client of hers around all day, and it's degrees out.

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Yea, hes got cool hair but my wife is super hot. And when you have learned them all they can stick red-hot pokers in your wife and babies and you will only laugh to see it. Because you will know by then that people don't matter a damn. Men are like corn growing.

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List of top 23 famous quotes and sayings about my wife is so hot to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs. All Rights Reserved. Little Britain I come here a lot, we have a lot of friends here, my wife used to work with a lot of Brits, so we were always keyed into the hot shows when they first came out.