Naked warriors

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A Celtic warrior, with battle-lust in his heart, was an intimidating sight. A warrior who went into battle naked, sure of the protection of his gods, only compounded the unease felt by a foe. Fighting naked was not a particularly original idea or, indeed, all that silly. It was quite practical, because dirty cloth could be forced into wounds causing all kinds of fatal infections.

Naked Warriors

Fighting in the Buff: Did Celtic Warriors Really Go to War Naked? | Ancient Origins

During their early missions, Navy combat swimmers were clothed in combat uniforms, boots, and metal helmets. That changed during a mission in preparation for the invasion of the Japanese-held atoll of Kwajalein in January Ordered to conduct a reconnaissance mission to assess beach conditions in advance of the planned assault, the two-man team of Ensign Lewis F. Luehrs and Chief Petty Officer Bill Acheson could not get close enough to shore because of a coral reef.

History of the Navy SEALs: The naked warriors

According to some scholars, the Gaesatae may be identified with the Allobroges , who first appeared in the same region only a few years later in connection with Hannibal's crossing of the Alps in BC. The Gaulish name Gaesatae means 'armed with javelins , spearmen', stemming from the root gaiso - 'javelin'. Polybius describes how the Gaesatae fought at the front, and unlike their Gallic allies who fought in trousers and light cloaks, they went into battle naked , both because of their great confidence and their desire not to get their clothes caught in the brambles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gallic mercenary warriors.
The Celts were known in ancient times to have been ferocious warriors. According to certain written sources, some of these Celtic warriors went a step further by going into battle carrying only their weapons and shields. Whilst they are not a distinct racial or genetic group, the Celts spoke Celtic languages, and shared certain cultural similarities. Public Domain.