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Skip to content. Aboriginal women from the remote Central Australian community of Ampilatwatja performing at a public ceremony in to protest against the Northern Territory intervention. Facebook is facing scathing criticism Down Under, after suspending multiple accounts for sharing the above photo of Aboriginal women performing a public ceremony. In a speech honoring International Women's Day, indigenous rights activist Celeste Liddle spoke about women of the central Australian Arrernte Aboriginal group, to which her family belongs, and their representation on the Internet.

[Aboriginal woman, nude, holding a basket, standing in a studio setting] [picture].

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Facebook has suspended the profiles of people who shared an article about Aboriginal feminism, because it contains a photograph of two Indigenous women in traditional attire. Celeste Liddle, a feminist and freelance author, gave the keynote speech at the Queen Victoria Women's Centre's annual International Women's Day address, and a version of her speech was published by online publication New Matilda. When New Matilda published the speech, the outlet included a photograph of two women who were participating in a ceremony wearing traditional body paint and with bare chests. Ms Liddle's speech had mentioned a previous incident in which Facebook had suspended her for sharing an image of Aboriginal women dancing, who also had bare chests. It also suspended the accounts of users who had shared the article. Luke Pearson, the founding director of the social media project IndigenousX, said the situation was a shame.

Aboriginal woman’s slaying exposes Australia’s racial divide

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