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Wrestlers in ancient Greece competed in the nude as spectators watched. Wrestlers at Ohio State say they showered in the nude while voyeurs watched. The difference is a matter of privacy and consent: The ancient Olympic athletes competed willingly while the former college athletes say they complained to their coaches about the creeps who they allege gawked at them decades ago. The ancient Greek word for naked — gymnos — is the root word for gymnasium, the sacred space where young Greek men conditioned their bodies as well as their minds.

Ancient Olympics Mixed Naked Sports, Pagan Partying

A Brief History Of Olympic Nudity From Ancient Greece To ESPN

The games were dedicated to [the god] Zeus. There were athletic games all over Greece , but because of the sanctity of Zeus, the Olympics quickly became revered. The first games had just a single foot race, which was won by the cook Koroibos. They had to appear at the [nearby] city of Elis a month before the games. This was the first Olympic village.

Naked Athletes, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Ancient Olympics

If the modern Olympic Games ran true to the strict customs of ancient Greece they might well today have been called the "Naked Games". From the early 8th century BC, Olympic athletes competed in the nude. There are indisputable records going back to Athenian philosopher Plato in the 5th century BC and even Homer's Iliad, as well as many explicit drawings that confirm it was common practice for all male track and field athletes to take part naked.
But many have no idea of its ancient origins. Athletes competed naked Athletes competed naked as a tribute to the Greek God Zeus. They wanted to show Zeus their physical power and muscular physique.