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Satan and Videl's Mother. She is also the great-granddaughter of Ox-King and Bardock. Pan is also good friends with Bulla and Trunks , the children of Vegeta and Bulma. Pan is introduced at the end of Dragon Ball Z , and only appears in the written series for a few chapters in the Dragon Ball manga. She is the last member to "join" the Z Fighters , as she fights along side and supports the others against the enemies within Dragon Ball GT. She later has a grandson named Goku Jr.

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I want to be big and strong like you, and save the world too! Her heritage is primarily Earthling , being the offspring of the Saiyan -Earthling hybrid Gohan and the Earthling Videl , thus making her a quarter-Saiyan. As a child, Pan's short hairstyle resembles her mother, Videl.
This can be a difficult transition for some, but Pan relishes the opportunity to travel. Pan respects her grandfather at the start of GT, but the anime allows them to fight together as equals. They even develop joint techniques together.