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Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has opened up about her younger years in new documentary This Is Paris, and she talks about the notorious 1 Night in Paris film she made with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. Paris Hilton has likened her sex tape leak to being "electronically raped". The socialite, 39, created the film with her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon back in and it subsequently leaked online. After a legal battle, Salomon later distributed the tape himself under the title 1 Night in Paris. The hotel heiress was just 18 when she made the tape, and speaking in the film, Paris claimed she just wanted to make her boyfriend happy. According to The Sun , she said: "That was a private moment with a teenage girl not in her right head space.


Paris Hilton says sex tape leak was like being 'electronically raped' - Mirror Online

Title: 1 Night in Paris Video The exclusive Paris Hilton sex video, where she and Rick Salomon's private footage of one hot and steamy night together is exposed. Well, here is a good example of total and absolute narcissism.. The much talked about "stolen" home video, that later was proven to actually having been directed and marketed by Paris Hilton herself, after suing Rick Salomon, the ex-boyfriend, several millions of dollars - apparently going to a charity named Paris' pocket - for doing so Sure, you do get to see mrs. Hilton in the nude, you DO get to watch her perform a BJ, but really - this isn't worth the time nor the money..

Paris Hilton bravely opens up about how leaked sex tape impacted her life

Exploring her coddled childhood, her turbulent teens and beyond, This is Paris offers a revealing look at the difference between Hilton's real personality complete with intense anxiety and chronic insomnia and the ditzy celebrity persona she created to protect herself. Some of the more harrowing moments in the film come when Hilton discusses the leak of her now-infamous sex tape. They made me the bad person. The home video was recorded in when Hilton was 19, and leaked by ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon in , after Hilton found success with the first season of The Simple Life. The public reaction to the tape at the time swung between mockery and disdain: This is Paris includes a clip of David Letterman making jokes at her expense before a howling studio audience.
Promoted by Kevin Blatt , [1] it depicts Paris Hilton having sexual intercourse in with Salomon. Not originally intended for release, [2] it was filmed primarily with a single, stationary, tripod-mounted camera using "night vision". However, a handful of scenes were filmed indoors without night vision. When Hilton stated publicly that she had been "out of it", didn't know what she was doing during the taping of the video and did not approve its public release, Salomon sued Hilton for defamation.