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She has spent over a decade working with teenagers and adults, helping them understand how to have healthy relationships and how to have good sex. During her twenties, she spent time reflecting on the terrible sex education that she and her friends had received. She realised that young people today face cruel double standards. They spend hours of their lives immersed unsupervised in a hypersexualised digital world with no real guidance from adults and institutions around them.

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In our busy, interconnected but independent lives, commitment and happiness take on different meanings. We assume that love will prevail, and forget that relationships don't just "work. Unfortunately this isn't the case. What exactly is the "work" involved in relationships?
When not practicing therapy or engaging in conversations about erotic intelligence, you can find me baking pies of all kinds, reading Audre Lorde, or backpacking with my family. I am a licensed mental health counselor and sex therapist specializing in relational and sexual concerns for couples and individuals. Over the last decade, my work has focused on supporting human sexuality and relationships with couples and individuals. I use a modern therapeutic approach that integrates sex therapy and various models of psychotherapy. Of course, counseling varies from client to client, but my process typically entails the following:.