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Instead, the venturous individuals end up being guinea pigs in the Mad Sexual Educator's twisted experiment to create The Human Sexipede , which is accomplished via sewing three people together - mouth to genitals. New Releases. Unlimited Unlimited. First Sequence - A Porn Parody. Evan Stone.

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Exclusive Online method - Select your favourite option and start Watching Now! Click Cover to Enlarge - Back Cover. Movie Length : min. Description: You will be sewn to the screen by this satisfying satire! In this funny and sexy spoof of one of the most disturbing horror films of all time, three horny tourists vacationing in Germany go out looking for a really good time. Cast of The Human Sexipede: In alphabetic order. Amber Rayne.

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Heiter kidnaps two young American girls, Lindsay and Jenny, and an Asian man, Katsuro, all of whom are unable to achieve sexual satisfaction through everyday sexual behavior. He presents them with the idea of joining them mouth to genitals, so that they are able to continually pleasure each other by way of oral sex and finally achieve sexual satisfaction. The Human Sexipede has received attention from not only the adult film industry, but from more mainstream media. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tom Byron Pictures.
Me and my Father heard of a light-hearted comedy film featuring Tim Allen called "The Human Centipede" at the recommendation of my uncle his brother. From the opening things were quite eerie shall we say, the birds eye camera angle that slowly panned into the scene complimented with the low contrast filter and the original soundtrack composed by the 80's band 'Heart' really set a scene for what was going to be a very scary film indeed My father and I nearly spat out our popcorn when Lindsay Sunny Lane and Jenny Danica Dillan started tongue kissing, I will admit that we anticipated a bit more man action Heiter Tom Byron was amazing in this role Me and my Father remarked not just on his top notch delivery of dialogue but also noted his rock hard abs, 11 inch penis and the very cute and appealing vein that ran down his smooth hot shaft.