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Halima Aden, the first hijab-wearing supermodel, quit the fashion industry in November saying it was incompatible with her Muslim religion. Here, in an exclusive interview, she tells BBC Global Religion reporter Sodaba Haidare the full story - how she became a model, and how she reached the decision to walk away. Halima, 23, is in St Cloud, Minnesota, where she grew up surrounded by other Somalis. She's wearing ordinary clothes and no makeup, cheerfully petting her dog, Coco. Others have described her as a trailblazing hijab-wearing supermodel or as the first hijabi model to feature on the cover of Vogue magazine - but she left all that behind two months ago, saying the fashion industry clashed with her Muslim faith. As a hijab-wearing model, Halima was selective about her clothing.

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Instead, maybe they earn a modest living doing runway shows, ad campaigns, and music videos ; sometimes they fall to pieces and end up seeking Dr. Part of the irony in watching ANTM : Knowing that their smizes will soon disintegrate into crying emojis. Some, however, defy the odds and flip their quasi-fame into movie roles those acting challenges really pay off , non-modeling gigs, and more reality TV. We all have done well, and we all had to do it on our own. No side businesses, but Dani has primarily stuck to modeling and scored solid regular runway gigs.

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Banks parlayed her modeling success into a reality competition dynasty. But looking back, the show may be a little too of its era. In the early s, world-famous supermodel Tyra Banks had an idea. She wanted to create a show that would take a group of girls with a passion for fashion, and over the course of three months, turn one of them into the next big thing in the modeling world.
She scorched the Kingfisher Calender with her athletic frame. While she makes every picture look like a painting with her effortless poses, she in fact is quite literally an artist. Recently, taken time to creatr some master pieces, Aishwarya has proved she is more than just a muse!