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I left Morocco more than 15 years ago. With the years and the distance, I have surely forgotten quite how difficult it is to live without the freedoms that have become so natural to me. I am Moroccan and, in Morocco, Muslim laws apply to me, whatever my personal relationship with the religion. I learned that I could not be homosexual, have an abortion or cohabit.

‘Virginity is an obsession in Morocco’: an extract from Leïla Slimani’s Sex and Lies

Social customs: ‘Nearly half of Pakistani women are married before the age of 18’

This is a sign of real confidence in Pakistan. Our 1. They will now have more options to visit loved ones, build ties and boost trade. This will be good for tourism and business. When I arrived in Pakistan, you asked me to help change perceptions. A year on, despite the difficulties, we have changed travel advice, seen the return of England cricket to Pakistan, and now British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are flying direct. Because in difficult times, friends help lift each other up.

How ‘Normalised’ is Sex before Marriage in Pakistan?

For a country shrouded by men possessing the abnormal bravado of a supposed alpha male, our society has been slowly dragged into an abyss of vices and heinous incidents. Due to the increase in these myopic men in our society — who lack foresight with their narrow minded views — has led to an onslaught of oppression against women, while pigeonholing them in all walks of life. This obsession has recently led to an incident involving a women who was murdered by her husband who accused and questioned her piety just over the hymen already been broken before their sexual intercourse. This is the ignorant world we are living in right now.
Early marriage is the root cause of maternal mortality, stress participants. Brazil exhumes old graves to make space for surging Covid burials. Promotion of interfaith harmony responsibility of all communities: AJK president.