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This study aimed i to explore differences in parenthood intentions as a function of sexual orientation, ii to investigate to what extent sociodemographic and psychological characteristics predict parenthood intentions of lesbian, gay, bisexual LGB , and heterosexual individuals, iii to test the mediating effect of stigma between sexual orientation and parenthood intentions, and iv to identify and characterize profiles of prospective parenthood through cluster analysis. Data were gathered using an online survey from self-identified LGB and heterosexual young adults without children in Portugal, with a mean age of Findings indicated that LGB individuals were less likely to intend to have children than heterosexual individuals; furthermore, among LGB individuals, lesbian women expressed stronger intentions to have children than did gay men. Similarities between heterosexual and LGB young adults were observed concerning the psychological determinants of parenthood intentions. Four distinctive profiles of prospective parenthood were identified: aspiring parents not anticipating stigma, aspiring parents anticipating stigma, childfree intent, and childfree ambivalent.

Developmental trajectories and milestones of lesbian, gay, and bisexual young people

Young People who are Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual - Parentlink

Click here for a printable version of this document - PDF The teenage years can bring lots of change for children and parents. Young people are working out who they are and dealing with relationships and sexuality. For some, working out their feelings towards others and whether they are gay, lesbian or bisexual might be an extra pressure to deal with. All children and young people want to feel accepted and that they belong regardless of their sexuality. It is important that parents help them work things out in a safe and supportive environment where they feel valued and loved for who they are.

Young People who are Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual

Lesbian, gay, and bisexual LGB young people experience a variety of developmental trajectories that consist of milestones, the sequence and timing of which differ across individuals. They include early feelings of being different from peers, the onset of same-sex attraction, questioning one's sexuality, first same-sex sexual experience, recognition and self-labelling, disclosure to others, first romantic relationship, and self-acceptance. The invention of 'gay youth' during the s and s is briefly reviewed with an emphasis on the ways in which the portrait created by early research fails to capture the developmental trajectories of millennial young people. Although some young people struggle with mental health problems as they navigate these milestones, research documents the complexity, variety, and normative nature of the vast majority of LGB young people.
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