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SOC - Sociology of Human Sexuality This course explores the social construction of sexual ignorance and the social accomplishment of sexual repression. Sociologically we will address how conventional sex education reinforces sexual ignorance and how, even in this most private and intimate of spheres, the fingers of society are relentlessly present. It addresses our sexual socialization and our current schizophrenic culture of puritanism and pornography. Simultaneously we will attempt to promote greater realism, greater skillfulness and greater literacy regarding our lives as sexual beings, as gendered beings and as romantic beings.

SOC 305 - Sociology of Sex and Gender

SOC - Sex and Sexualities :: Class Schedule

Do men and women think differently about sex? Does pornography impact how we have sex? Is prostitution harmful to society? Investigate contemporary sexual behaviors from a sociological perspective and examine how culture impacts sexual practices and identities.

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SOC - Sociology of Sex and Gender Students examine the ways in which macro and micro institutions structure gender relations in society and how gender in turn structures and stratifies the social order. Gender identities and the social consequences of gender stratification are considered, including such topics as the sexual division of labor, sexual politics, and sexual violence. Offered alternate years. Jump to the main content of this page.
This course introduces students to the sociological study of gender and sexuality in contemporary U. The role of gender and sexuality in institutional structures, including the economy, law, education and media will be examined. Historical and cross-cultural variations in gender and sexuality are explored as well as variations by race, ethnicity, and social class.